UNSC Today – Indonesia called for UN action on Palestinian issue

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent members and invited heads and representatives of various states, gathered at the UNSC’s headquarter in New York City to debate various global issues. Among the most mentioned issues were human rights, unilateralism, terrorism, and the UN Charter – a document majority in that room, including some permanent members, violated on a regular basis. But one major issue most of these members brought up was the ‘Palestinian issue’. In our opinion, the Indonesian government and the Chinese governments have no right to lecture anyone on the issue of Palestinians and human rights. The Uyghur people are being held in internment camps where they are being subjected to torture and indoctrination in direct violation of the UN Charter. Also, a good number of West Papuan were brutally murdered by the Indonesian government as recent as August of 2019.

Indonesian spokesman at the UNSC

Clean up your backyard

During his presentation, the Indonesian representative decried the fact that the UNSC will meet again in October of this year to mark the  75th anniversary of the founding of the UNSC, and Palestinians won’t be able to join the celebration. He implied that Palestinians won’t be able to celebrate this important day because they have been deprived of their right to self-determination by the Jewish state.  Among other issues, the Indonesian and Chinese delegations called for the rights of all people to be protected and represented, and that the deprived groups of the world should be heard.

What the representative of Indonesia said to members of the UNSC and to the world, however, could be said about his government in Jakarta. We have nothing against the Palestinians, but for a government that murdered more than 40 people recently; many of them peaceful student protesters, and half a million since 1969, to talk about the rights of ethnic groups in other parts of the world while abusing our rights, is simply hypocritical.

Massacre of 20 Students in West Papua by Indonesia forces

On December 1, 2019, the Indonesian government deployed tens of thousands of soldiers armed with modern deadly weapons to West Papua to stop the planned peaceful protests to mark the anniversary of the raising of the Morning Star flag in 1961. Prior to these protests, the Indonesian Government responded to an anti-racist uprising with absolute brutality, killing innocent protesters while cutting off Internet and telephone access to millions of homes and individuals. They rounded up hundreds of protesters and sent to prison where they were tortured and denied their basic rights. A video of Indonesian police officers firing at unarmed protesters also surfaced, which should be investigated by the UN.

Indonesian police opened fire on unarmed West Papuans – The Guardian 

The UN Charter is applicable to ALL

If the UN Charter is universal, as the Indonesian representative stated on the floor of the UNSC, then that Charter is also applied to the Indonesian government. And if it is not a charter that should be used or applied selectively, then Indonesia must also accept that fact that its actions violated that charter on a regular basis! They can’t have it both ways.

Free all colonized people

Abbas speaking at the UNGA – 2019

Unliked West Papuans, the Palestinian leadership have some access to international resources and often invited to the UN to speak or participate in conferences and UNGA meetings. Not West Papuans! We are being deprived of that right by the very government that lectures the world on “human right” issues. The Indonesian government is the one violating the principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights, religious rights of indigenous West Papuans, and the UN Charter.

Aljazeera: Armed Indonesians chased protesters

We sympathize and empathize with all the minorities of the world, particularly the minorities in the ME and in China. We are all fighting the same battle, and  for self-determination and freedom. We all live under surveillance, brutality and severe punishment from countries that are lecturing others on human rights and freedoms. It is appalling! We join you in calling for your rights to be free.

Free our people

We renew our call for the Indonesian government to respect our right to self-determination. You must put your own words into action by releasing all our political prisoners who are currently behind bars for petty crimes such as carrying miniature West Papuan flags.  You must also respect our people, our cultural symbols, and our rights that are protected by International laws and the human rights convention. If you failed to do these things, you are violating the UN Charter,  and you are in no position to lecturing others about human rights issues.

To this day, more than forty thousands residents in Nduga area in the Highlands of West Papua are in refugee camps because the TNI bombed their villages. These people are not allowed to return to their homes, which is absolutely wrong.

And just before Christmas last year (2019), a report revealed that the Indonesia government was deploying about two hundred thousand soldiers to the already heavily militarized zones of West Papua. This is the activity of a paranoid government that would kill West Papuans in order to maintain control of our people and resources.

Again, it is preposterous for the Indonesian government to preach “human rights” and accuses US or Israel of human rights abuses when we all know what they have done to our indigenous West Papuans.

UN mission to the West Papua

We also call on the UN to continue to put pressure on the Indonesian government to allow a UN fact-finding mission to West Papua. Failure to do so is also a violation of the UN Charter the Indonesian government claims to uphold. According to that Charter, no country has the right to murder its own people as the Indonesian government has done over the years to West Papuans. A UN investigation to Indonesian activities in West Papua is long overdue, and it is important that the UN leadership revisits this issue.