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Persecution of Indigenous Christians in West Papua

Throughout modern history West Papua has been, and still is  part of the Melanesian family of islands in the Pacific, and as such not a part part of Indonesia archipelago. Under fraudulent elections it was taken by the Indonesian government during the 1960s. Its inhabitants are Melanesian and for thousands of years have been blessed

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Public Presentation about the ongoing Crisis In West Papua by Herman Wainggai!

The United Nations Secretary General expressed his condolences to the victims of the flood in West Papua. But there are thousands displaced by Indonesian military operation that the going on in Nduga, West Papua. This is where Indonesian forces are going after indigenous separatists. We are concerned about the potential violation of the human rights

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Hello friends and visitors, Welcome to the West Papuan Human Rights Center (WPHRC) website. This website is created to bring to you the truth about West Papua and the issues we are facing everyday back home. There’s a systematic human rights abuse issue in West Papua and the Indonesian government doesn’t want you to know

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