Talking to the press – answering questions about West Papua to curious reporters 

These links are about or are linked to West Papua. These are good articles or news materials to read and learn about West Papua.

»  Herman’s Wikipedia 

»  Escape from WP by Alan Nichols

» The West Papuan independence movement – a history The Guardian UK

»  West Papua – UNPO 

»  West Papua: Forgotten War, Unwanted People 

»  The struggle for self-determination in West Papua (1969-present) by Jason Macleod

»  A History of Betrayal | The New Internationalist

» Indonesia’s 1969 Takeover of West Papua Not by “Free Choice”

» Herman Wainggai – Nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize 

» West Papua – A Journey to Freedom 

»  Strange Birds in Paradise: A West Papuan Story (Charlie Hill Smith, 75 minutes Australia, 2009)

» Who are the Asylum Seekers?  Article citing Dr. Thom as a source