Religious Rights


In June 2017, a riot broke out in West Papua as a result of Indonesian military burning of Bibles that infuriated church leaders and goers alike. The riot took place at a Christian church at Wamena, West Papua.

wamena church

A report on Human Rights – a fact finding mission to West Papua by the Roman Catholic church. “We will lose everything” is a powerful report. It explores human rights of indigenous people, and that violence never seemed to cease. The report observed that “West Papua is virtually closed to Western reporters and academics.”
A comprehension look at the Muslim invasion of Christian West Papuan, which occurred in various areas of the government and domestic policies. The author also cited government efforts to isolate the young children and educate them away from their Christian homes.Most of them shipped off to Muslims run cities such as Jakarta in an effort to indoctrinate them.

In 2008, a fed up Christian group in Jayapura, issued a stark 14-day ultimatum to municipal authorities: Dismantle the minaret of the city’s Al-Aqsa mosque by the end of February or the group would “take their own action.” These are people who see their Christian faith been invaded and attacked by Islam.

Indoctrinating children
Caps: West Papuan boys at the Daarur Rasul Islamic boarding school, outside Jakarta, behind locked gates.CREDIT: MICHAEL BACHELARD

West Papuan Christian kids behind locked gated at Daarur Rasul Islamic school where they are trained in the ways of Islam.

A piece of history of a Dutch missionary among indigenous West Papuans. It is worth reading.

An Anglican Priest returns to West Papua – compiled and produced by the ‘Federal Republic of West Papua’.
Anglican Bishops from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Polynesia expressed profound dissatisfaction over the continual violation of the religious rights of West Papuans by the Indonesian police.

Christian organization documented growing religious tension between Indonesian regime and Christians throughout West Papua. It is a must read article.