Human Rights Violations

Indigenous Rights

Indigenous children – innocent!

To understand why indigenous West Papuans aren’t happy with the occupation of their lands by a group of people they considered outsiders, one must look at the history from top to bottom. This is a wonderful brief history of West Papua and Indonesian colonialism. Reinscription of West Papua as a Colonised State and People by Powes Parkop.

Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua: Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control.

Violent crackdown of innocent West Papuan peaceful protesters.

The struggle for self-determination in West Papua (1969-present)

The Human Rights Watch Asia organization has been documenting the changes the Indonesian government promised; citing where it has failed, and areas the government needing improvement. Follow them on their site: Human Rights Watch Asia

Sydney Morning Herald covers the tension between indigenous West Papuans and Indonesian occupying forces. This is a wonderful article exploring the dangerous civilian indigenous people suffered among growing tensions between pro-independent groups and Indonesian military. Read the story

Yale university is one of the respected and top universities in the United States depth look and analysis into the human rights violations by the Indonesian colonial government since the occupation of West Papua officially declared in 1969. This report included the number of civilian killed and instances of gross human rights violation by Indonesian police and military. It is a must read article (PDF format). Yale West Papua Final Report

Titled the “Indonesian Reign of Violence in West Papua,” the Startts organization takes a closer look at the violence incurred on indigenous people since the beginning of Indonesian reign in West Papua some five decades ago. A thorough analysis that needs to be read.