Freeport Mining

Texas Company | Headquarter – Arizona
Produces: Products‎: ‎Copper‎; Gold; ‎Molybdenum
Assets Value: $37 billion | Net income: $2 billion
Operating income: $3 billion 
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BP Oil

British Petroleum (BP) | Headquarter: London, Britain
Products: ‎Petroleum‎; Natural gas; ‎Motor fuels‎
Net income: $10 billion | Operating income: $19 billion

BP Indonesia – West Papua 
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Palm Oil 

Learn more about the Palm Oil – West Papua. The truth and lies surrounding this massive operation is well documented. Recently, journalists who were reporting from this area were found dead. 

Environmental Rights Violations

Freeport Mining is Hurting Indigenous West Papuans

West Papua is home to some of the world’s large untouched rainforest and ecosystem, but the mining operations there and the clearing of these virgin rainforests by order of the Indonesian government, and the existing mining and natural gas companies, threatened its very existence. These destructive activities are affecting the lives and livelihood of the people tremendously.  Every West Papuan has the right to live in a free land, breathing fresh air, and drink out of fresh water from the land. But that is not the case in West Papua. While the people see their lands stripped and rivers polluted while the revenue generated from those activities go straight to the government of Indonesia in Jakarta. An environmental activity that harms thousands of lives can be described as ‘Eco-terrorism.’ Here are some examples of Indonesian eco-terrorism documented so far:

The Action Network protested in NYC brings attention one of the world’s largest natural gas extraction in West Papua, which is detrimental to the environment and the indigenous people near the plant.

Tangguh, one of the world’s largest gas extraction plants, has an estimated worth of US$128 billion and rests on 14 trillion cubic meters of gas. Each year over 4 million tons of CO2 are released from Tangguh. Expansions now underway will double production and greenhouse gas emissions to 8 million tons a year. Action Network

Greenpeace investigation uncovers massive deforestation as Indonesian Government minister arrives in EU to defend palm oil industry. In the picture: land cover, forest clearance and plantation development in PT Megakarya Jaya Raya (PT MJR) palm oil concession. PT MJR is part of the Hayel Saeed Anam group which has a number of palm oil related interests including Pacific Inter-Link which controls HSA’s palm oil refining and trading interests.

Greenpeace exposed the link between major brands such as Mars, Nestlé, PepsiCo, and Unilever. These companies buy Palm oil from individuals and companies such as the Yemen-based Hayel Saeed Anam Group that is connected to the deforestation of West Papua in violation of the rights of the lawful owners of those lands.

Greenpeace helicopter flies over deforested areas in West Papua.

Indonesian Trans-Papua Highway

Recent escalation of violence in the highlands of West Papua is connected to the Indonesian ambitious projected called Trans-Papua Highway, which indigenous and pro-independence group claim to be Indonesian attempt to control even the remotest part of Indonesia. The highway cuts through tribal lands that are sacred to the indigenous population. The clash between armed construction workers and resistance fighters brought Indonesian military, which resulted in the displacement of thousand of indigenous people. According to the Indonesian government, the construction of the highway will be taken over by the Indonesian military.

Indonesian soldiers deployed to the highlands of West Papua to man Trans-Papua highway. Source: RNZI

The Riverine Pollution by West Papua Media explores the connection between the Freeport Mining Op, the Indonesian government, and the United States government and investors. A good article to read – JUBI: Papuans Will Survive without Freeport, says Papua Governor