The United Nations should treat everyone the same

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UNHQ New York, Augusts 2019

International public relations can be defined as any efforts made to mutually benefit countries in a region through shared goals. The United Nations (UN) is the international body that unites all nations in the World to promote global peace, harmony, and cohesion. The World Wars and the Cold War saw the need for the integration world powers to promote world peace that fosters stability and stimulates global economies. Public relations today have become global because of globalization and technological advancements that have revolutionized connections and global trade and interaction, and the UN is at the heart of this phenomenon that enhances these international relations. This article focuses on how the UN can provide distinctions in the public relations of individual nations and those that relate to these international forums.

Certain countries are lost in the haze of falling between two extreme edges in the international forum. Developing nations are known for receiving most of the assistance and attention from the UN regardless of the little efforts put in by their leaders and governments. On the other hand, the superpowers are known for making policies that governed most of the main decisions in the international stage, and thus, gives them an upper hand in resources distribution and control of global economies. However, the middle-level income countries are hardly recognized and most of their issues go unnoticed and unsolved.

The UN should reflect on the theory of international public relations that prioritize domestic issues while treating across-border relations separately. This will ensure that the right amount of attention is given to countries based on their needs on the domestic forum while the international and across borders focus only elevating global economies and international issues that required international attention. Public relations in the international realm have changed in the past decade to accommodate the various political, economic and cultural practices that connect people and countries. It is, therefore, the role of the UN to look into furthering policies that can define domestic and international issues that can contribute to a better world.

To ensure that international relations are fair and equitable, the UN should also address the socio-economic interest of the world. In this, the UN should not only focus on what generates better economies or what relationship is important than the other but also how that relationship can be maintained. In this, security and peace are areas of paramount importance the UN should focus on. While it is true that domestic issues should be dealt with domestically, the UN should also focus on issues that are important to intergovernmental relationships. Often time domestic issues spilled over local domains into international boundaries that may disrupt global peace and security. If certain domestic issues are more likely to affect international relationships among nations, the UN could focus on ways to indirectly impact those domestic issues without having a hand in them. That would mitigate any accusation of external interference on domestic issues.

To sum up this paper, international relationship is a crucial part of this modern globalized world, but one that cannot be left untouched or ignored by the UN. The UN should play at hand in fostering global peace and improving the international relations, and it must not selectively enforcing its will, but it must also fair in pursuing global peace

Herman Wainggai 
West Papua Human Rights Center 

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