Public Presentation about the ongoing Crisis In West Papua by Herman Wainggai!


The United Nations Secretary General expressed his condolences to the victims of the flood in West Papua. But there are thousands displaced by Indonesian military operation that the going on in Nduga, West Papua. This is where Indonesian forces are going after indigenous separatists. We are concerned about the potential violation of the human rights that our people are experiencing today, and it has been for more than five decades. Today, thousands of displaced villagers are seeking shelters in the forests and caves.

We join our brothers and sisters back home in West Papua in prayers, and join others in condemning this barbaric acts and for the international community to come together and help those innocent people who are now stranded for months. We condemn the military build-up that is happening back home – it is not going to solve anything. There’s no military solution to this crisis!


Today, we are holding a public lecture on the ongoing crisis in West Papua. Please, come and learn about the issues in West Papua from the point of view of an indigenous person.

The lecture will be held at the George Mason University, Arlington Campus. Room: 5183 at 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Come and learn more about this issue and many other issues. It is your chance to ask a former political prisoner about the crisis in West Papua.

2 comments on “Public Presentation about the ongoing Crisis In West Papua by Herman Wainggai!”

    1. The president of Indonesia is not representing the views of indigenous West Papuans. Everything he said is pro-Indonesia, and what he said to please West Papuans are mere propaganda!


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