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Herman Wainggai, WPHRC

Hello friends and visitors,

Welcome to the West Papuan Human Rights Center (WPHRC) website. This website is created to bring to you the truth about West Papua and the issues we are facing everyday back home. There’s a systematic human rights abuse issue in West Papua and the Indonesian government doesn’t want you to know anything about it. They suppressed those who dared to post information about ‘human rights’ issues in West Papua but there are some that are working daily to bring to us information about the issues we are facing and the human rights abuse that is rampant throughout our land.

The objective of this site is to bring connect our activists and freelance writers in Jayapura to the world. We will publish stories and use data to show the world what’s really going on back in West Papua that the Indonesian government and their media propagandists don’t want you to know.

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